A Sustainable Future with "Living" Machines

Drones, as we know them today, are not equipped to perform everyday tasks or to interact with complex environments. At least not yet. Safety is still an issue, mainly when interacting with humans and natural outdoor environments. So, what is missing and how do our scientists propose to bridge this gap?

The key word is "Physical Artificial Intelligence", a terminology coined by scientists at our Materials and Technology Center of Robotics. The center, led by Mirko Kovac, explores the physical counterpart of digital artificial intelligence: the composition of robots' bodies, morphology and materials, which is pivotal in developing a fully functional robot. Or, in our case, drones that will be capable of living in the forest, in lakes or around infrastructure systems.

In the framework of this year's Swiss Digital Day we will discuss the future of our cohabitation with intelligent robots. On 28 October 2021 Mirko Kovac will join us for a livestreamed coffee session, hosted by Michael Hagmann, Head of Communications at Empa.

Tune in and share your thoughts, you will also get to see our drones in action!

Did you missed the live stream? Watch the video now!

28/10/2021, 14:30 – 15:00
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