SC, SwissCaution SA

Founded in 1991, SC, SwissCaution SA is the first insurance company to offer a rental guarantee without the need for a bank deposit in Switzerland for individuals and companies.

SwissCaution is currently in the midst of a shift in its work culture, which, similar to start-ups, advocates transparency, agility, proactivity and flexibility. At the same time, the company benefits from all the advantages of the Mobiliar group's solid corporate foundation.

With more than 235,000 clients as well as 45,000 new clients per year, SwissCaution is the leader in the digitalization of rental guarantees without bank deposit and covers a rental guarantee volume of over CHF 1 billion, representing an annual rental value of CHF 4 billion. Its expertise in risk management as well as its strong market presence due to its nationwide distribution network contribute to SwissCaution's reputation and the recognition of its high quality of service.

SwissCaution is a Swiss Mobiliar Cooperative Company.

A simple, practical, and fast solution ...obviously!

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