Basel Area Business & Innovation

Basel Area Business & Innovation is your connection to professional resources and helps you find business success in the Basel Area. Within our vibrant ecosystem, we build a community of innovators, thought leaders, experts and stakeholders. We develop collaborative projects and accelerators, and offer workspaces that support innovation and growth across several key industries such as therapeutics, healthcare and production technologies.

Turning ideas into success or getting a new business off the ground takes hard work and dedication. Basel Area Business & Innovation is your connection to professional resources within a vibrant ecosystem designed to nurture innovation.

We provide tailored entrepreneurial support at every step of the founding process in the Basel Area, one of the leading life sciences hubs globally and an emerging hub for startups. From courses, seminars and workshops to support material, our services are here to help you launch a new company or business idea. With our bespoke Venture Mentoring program, you can turn your innovation into a solid business case. As part of a guided process, you’ll receive an assessment and concrete recommendations from industry insiders and experts. This program, as well as our three accelerators in Therapeutic Innovation, Healthcare Innovation and Industrial Transformation,  are oriented towards entrepreneurs and high-tech SMEs. We bring together experts, companies and entrepreneurs with partners, collaborators and funding sources to help nurture innovation and accelerate business growth.

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