Digital Day is an annual event that fosters dialogue around digitalisation. The Digital Day programme offers hundreds of online and physical events focused on key digital topics. Digitalisation is changing all areas of society: education, healthcare, politics, business, work, leisure, mobility, and communication. Digital Day showcases the developments, opportunities and risks of digitalisation. Digital Day invites every member of the Swiss population to learn, question and  discover how rapid digital change continues to shape the world we live in.

Digital Day 2021 begins on 29 September when we kick-off 6 weeks of digital inspiration. In the weeks before our main Digital Day celebration on 10 November, you can take part in activities either focused on learning or dialogue.  

  • Learning: Skill up for the digital future - Together with a growing number of partners, we are organising the Swiss population to acquire digital skills or further improve existing skills. Have you signed up yet?
  • Dialogue: Be the digital future - What will our country look like in the next decades? Join the discussion and help shape the future you would like to live in.

The mission of Digital Day 2021 is to bring every member of the Swiss population on a journey to learn and embrace our digital world. It’s our mission to start a conversation on all things digital. We want people to express their thoughts and fears. We create a forum where every participant can share their dreams and wishes for our digital future and learn new skills. The Digital Day mission is to cover topics such as education, data security, artificial intelligence, e-government, e-services, smart infrastructure, health, entrepreneurship and many more.

People with all levels of digital expertise can take part in Digital Day. To make it easier to choose what events to attend, take our Digital Fitness Quiz (coming soon). This will help you to find out your level of  digital know-how. Armed with this knowledge, you can explore our full programme of events here. You can filter topics that you would like to learn more skills in, or ones you are already very interested in. From deepfakes to sustainability or how to use digital tools like booking train tickets or creating reels on Instagram - we have something for everyone. 

digitalswitzerland, together with its partners coordinates and organises the Digital Day 2021. Diana Engetschwiler is Head of Digital Day. Diana leads the Public Dialogue team within digitalswitzerland who are are responsible for organising Digital Day. This Swiss-wide event is supported by over 140 partners from academia and the private and public sectors. The main sponsors are APG|SGA, AWS, Google, Ringier, Sir Mary and Swisscom and you can find more partner information here. 

Everyone! We extend the invite to join Digital Day to anyone interested in digitalisation. We want as many people as possible to join our varied programme of events. This includes our Digital Day OnAir (livestream & podcast), online and offline Learning Labs, where you can learn a new digital skill. Or why not tune in to watch our Startup Battle or hear about (herHACK20.21 – a female led hackathon). No prior knowledge is needed to take part in Digital Day. We welcome people of all ages and skill levels. Take our ‘Digital Fitness Survey’ (coming soon) on our homepage to discover your expertise level . This will help you find the events to tailor-make your event programme. 

The main Digital Day celebration will take place on the 10 November. The virtual live programme, consisting of a livestream and a podcast, will go on air at 08:00 and we will conclude at 20:00. Cities and cantons all over Switzerland will organise live and virtual events to enjoy on this day. 

Since digitalisation is such a multifaceted topic, we will use the 6 weeks starting from the 29 September - 9 November, leading up to Digital Day. This 6 week period will foster nationwide discourse around digital topics, focusing on two main topics, learning and co-creation of the future.

For external communication, digitalswitzerland will communicate to the public in four languages: German, French, Italian and English. We also communicate in these four languages on our website.

For events organised by our Digital Day partners, please visit the specific event page for programme details and the languages offered. 

Main channel programme and media: Main Channel programme and media will be communicated in their original language depending on the location and the participants.

You do not need to buy tickets to attend Digital Day 2021. All events are free of charge. There is however a wide range of events happening during the six-week pre-phase and also on Digital Day on 10 November. We encourage you to visit the official Digital Day website where you may need to register or book attendance at certain events where numbers may be restricted. 

It does not cost anything to participate in Digital Day. Attending Digital Day events or accessing our content is free of charge during the entire 6-week learning phase and on Digital Day on 10 November. Visit the Digital Day website where you can find the full programme of events. You can tune in to Digital Day OnAir live stream and podcast on 10 November and enjoy varied content from panel discussions to celebrity speakers and more.

Digital Day covers a wide range of topics all connected to digitalisation. From coding classes, panel discussions, startup battles or learning new digital skills - there is something for everyone to enjoy. Digital Days starts on the 29 September and during this 6-week learning and discussion phase before our main celebration on 10 November, you can focus on skilling up for the future and discussing that the digital future may bring. You can find out about topics and the event programme here

Yes,  you can participate in more than one event at Digital Day. You can take part in as many events as you can fit into your schedule. Digital Day activities begin six weeks before the official ‘Digital Day’ on 10 November. During this pre-phase, you can get involved with a number of both physical and digital events. And on Digital Day, you can access our Digital Day OnAir (livestream & podcast). You can join live and virtual events created by several cities and cantons across Switzerland. Find out more here


The rules and regulations are constantly changing. We ensure that all partners will comply with or exceed the safety guidelines set by the government. For more details on a specific event, contact its organiser. 

All our partners with physical offerings have been informed about the currently applicable guidelines and protective measures by letter, with the request to take note. On site, the responsible event managers ensure compliance with the protective measures (traffic light systems, registrations, compliance with the obligation to wear masks, keeping a distance, information signs, etc.). Our livestream  production studio is also subject to strict regulations and access is only possible with a COVID self-declaration.  

The goal of Digital Day is to mobilise the Swiss population to engage with the opportunities and challenges that digitalisation offers. Digital Day makes it possible to experience digitalisation in all its facets through events and activities that focus on education and debate on digital topics. All activities during Digital Day serve this purpose. Experience, discover, discuss and learn. 

We need Digital Day to understand and embrace the opportunities that the digital future offers Switzerland and the world. Digitalisation is changing all areas of our society: education, healthcare, politics, the economy, working life, leisure, mobility and communication are being transformed. Digital Day is the annual platform for this dialogue and showcases developments and invites everyone to take part. No skill level or background knowledge is required to join Digital Day. 

You can get to Digital Day either through attending physical events happening Swiss-wide or choosing from our online events. Access our online programme here. You can use the filter function to search for online and offline events. The programme launches on 29 September and runs for six weeks until our Digital Day celebration on 10 November. And don’t forget to watch Digital Day OnAir programme streaming on the 10 November from 08:00 and we will conclude at 20:00.

Digital Day has a programme of Swiss-wide online and physical events. Visit our programme to find out what events are happening in your area. You will be able to use the filter tool to access online and physical events.

Digital Day dialogue events focus on skilling up for the digital future. These events give you the opportunity to join conversations about a specific topic on digitalisation. This can be anything from how we think we use transportation in the future or what kind of concerns we have in regards to AI. Discover our programme of events and boost your digital horizons and knowledge.

Digital Day learning events focus on skilling up for the digital future. From round tables on AI and robotics, to panels on eHealth or data privacy, our expert guests and speakers offer a wealth of insights. Every learning event is carefully curated by the Digital Day team and partners for you to enjoy for free. Explore our programme of events and find the ones that spark your interest.

The opening hours of the Digital Day OnAir live programme will run from 08:00 until 20:00 on 10 November 2021. Recordings and event highlights will be safely stored so you can watch on-demand in the months after Digital Day. Find out more information here.

The Digital Day livestream languages are varied. The programme on the live stream will be in German and French. We will also have regional streams that will be in English and Italian. We want to ensure that the Digital Day is truly a Swiss-wide experience and that everyone has access to information and interesting discussions and content. 


You can find the full event programme for Digital Day here.

The Digital Day partners are responsible for their own events on the Digital Day programme. You can access the event programme here.

Reach out to a member of the Digital Day team and email: We always welcome new ideas and fresh thinking and partners that are ready to make an impact. 

Contact a member of the Digital Day team and email: You can also find more information in this blog.

Yes. We have a dedicated Digital Day newsletter and a broader digitalswitzerland newsletter that covers the latest news. These communications will keep you up to date on the latest event activities, speaker announcements and information. Sign up here.

You can find our full offering of digital events on our programme page here.

Reach out to a member of the Digital Day team and email: here.

Some of our Digital Day Signature Events include:

  • Digital Day OnAir live stream and podcast
  • Startup Battle
  • Digital Economy Award
  • herHACK 20.21 – a female-led hackathon
  • European Digital Days

Discover more highlights in our programme


For Digital Day media enquiries, please contact Eliane Panek


T: +41 76 559 07 70

You can find press releases and associated content here.

You can find physical-only events on our programme page here. Use the filter option to find physical events that are closest to your area.